Engaging Virtual Corkboards and Canvases in Teaching

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Join this session to explore some great examples of practice, tools and pedagogies that might work for your teaching context.

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Thursday 26 August 2021 11:00 am until Thursday 26 August 2021 12:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Education Services
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Dan Laurence & Robin Bebbington
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Tools like Padlet engage students in a variety of ways that aren’t possible with discussion forums and emails. Literally a rich tapestry of electronic threads, ‘virtual corkboards’ and canvases can make online learning a beautiful and inter-connected experience.

This session will practically explore tools like Padlet, MS White Board (but not as you’ve known it), Miro, Wakelet and more.

The key benefits from employing virtual corkboards and canvases are:

  • Improved student engagement
  • Improved learning
  • A more active and interconnected student experience


  • Please note this session is only available for La Trobe University staff members.
  • This session may be recorded for promotion and/or quality assurance purposes. Recorded sessions will be made available on the Education Services intranet page.



21st Sep 2021 7:24pm

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