Designing and Mapping Intended Learning Outcomes

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CILOs, MILOs, SILOs – Why is everyone talking about Intended Learning Outcomes?

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Wednesday 25 August 2021 12:00 pm until Wednesday 25 August 2021 01:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Education Services
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Karin Moses & Mona El-Ayoubi
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CILOs, MILOs, SILOs – Why is everyone talking about Intended Learning Outcomes?

At every level of education, Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) are vital for the design and development of the curriculum, and the learning and teaching that occurs in the Course (CILOs), the Majors (MILOs) and the subjects (SILOs).

This workshop provides an overview of the role of constructive alignment in designing effective SILOs mapped and aligned to CILOs. We will explore the relationship between the Intended learning outcomes at both course and subject level and consider how assessment assurance can be achieved through the alignment of SILOs. Also examined is the connection between ILOs and the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) levels.

This session will support you in the redesign of subjects and:

  • explain the relationship between the CILOs, MILOs and SILOs
  • identify the elements that make a strong ILO
  • consider how assessment design is driven by the learning outcomes for the course and the subject
  • target appropriate levels of learning (AQF levels) with ILOs
  • re-write ILOs to improve their capacity to align to assessments and AQF levels


  • Please note this session is only available for La Trobe University staff members.
  • This session may be recorded for promotion and/or quality assurance purposes. Recorded sessions will be made available on the Education Services intranet page.



22nd Sep 2021 5:22am

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