Event cancelled: China Story Yearbook 2019: China Dreams - Book Launch and Panel Discussion

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China Studies Research Centre Seminar Series

Thursday 02 April 2020 06:00 pm until Thursday 02 April 2020 07:30 pm (Add to calendar)
China Studies Research Centre
94793889; csrc@latrobe.edu.au
Presented by:
Professor Jane Golley, Dr James Leibold, Dr Gerald Roche and Dr Jane Brophy
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COVID-19 Update

The situation with COVID-19 continues to change at a rapid pace. It is posing unprecedented challenges for the health and wellbeing of our communities and for the continuing operations of La Trobe University. Events over the weekend and earlier this week have necessitated a rapid review of the University’s response – in particular the ban on large scale events, compulsory self-isolation for all visitors to Australia, and the Premier’s announcement of a State of Emergency.

La Trobe is therefore announcing a range of measures to help members of our community remain as safe as possible, while ensuring minimal disruption to teaching and research activities. Our campuses will remain open and our teaching and research will continue, but with some significant changes to the way we work. As a precautionary measure, from Tuesday 17 March onwards all non-essential events that do not involve delivery or support of teaching or research activity will be cancelled or postponed until the end of June, regardless of the number of participants. This includes events such as graduation ceremonies; public lectures and events; events run by all Student Union Associations and student clubs and societies; sporting events and planned ceremonies.

As a result of this decision, the 'China Story Yearbook 2019: China Dreams - Book Launch and Panel Discussion' event on 2 April 2020 is now cancelled. We thank you for your understanding and hope you will be able to join us at another La Trobe event in the future.

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2019 marked a number of significant anniversaries for the People’s Republic of China, each representing different ‘Chinese dreams’. The centennial of the May Fourth Movement – a dream of patriotism and cultural renewal – coincided with the 70th anniversary of the PRC itself – a dream of revolution and national strength. These sat awkwardly with the 60th anniversary of the flight of the Dalai Lama from Tibet in 1959 following a Tibetan uprising against Chinese rule, and the 30th anniversary since the student-led protest movement in 1989. Escalating violence in Hong Kong, the ongoing suppression of Uyghurs in Xinjiang and deteriorating US-China relations dominated the headlines. Alongside stories about China’s advances in artificial intelligence and genetically-modified babies, its ambitions in the Antarctic and outer space, and its influence on Western university campuses, there was much discussion about what Xi’s own ‘China Dream’ of national rejuvenation means for Chinese citizens and the rest of the world.

Please join Yearbook editor Jane Golley and authors Gerald Roche, James Leibold and Jane Brophy to discuss some of the many dreams, illusions, aspirations and nightmares that co-existed (and clashed) in 2019 in China and beyond. After introducing the book’s key themes, Golley will focus on the challenges facing the Australian university sector amidst rising US-China tensions, while Leibold and Roche will discuss Tibetan attitudes to urbanisation, as revealed through three Tibetan pop songs. Brophy will introduce the Chinese scientist who helped bring to term the world’s first genetically-modified babies, along with a story about two Inner Mongolians infected with the plague in November, evoking a recurring nightmare with historical, environmental and authoritarian dimensions.


Professor Jane Golley is an economist and Director of the Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW) at The Australian National University (ANU).

Dr James Leibold is an Associate Professor of Politics and Asian Studies at La Trobe University and the Head of the Department of Politics, Media and Philosophy.

Dr Gerald Roche is a senior research fellow in the Department of Politics, Media, and Philosophy at La Trobe University. He is currently working on an ARC project with James Leibold (La Trobe) and Ben Hillman (ANU) on urbanization in Tibet.

Dr Jane Brophy is the Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Public Policy and Regulation at the University of Melbourne's School of Government. Her research focuses on the regulation of new and emerging biotechnologies--specifically stem cells and genetic editing--in a global context, with a special interest in China.

Boardroom 20.02, Level 20

360 Collins Street, Melbourne



15th Jan 2021 3:06pm

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