Are we there yet? Global Citizenship Education Symposium

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Join a panel of global experts including Professor Fazal Rizvi (University of Melbourne) and Professor Lynette Shultz (University of Alberta) as we consider how higher education can nurture critical learners in a globalised world.

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Friday 05 October 2018 09:00 am until Friday 05 October 2018 04:30 pm (Add to calendar)
Rachel Soh – Project Officer
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This Symposium is convened by the “Building Academic Excellence in Global Citizenship Education” project team: Tracy Fortune, Dell Horey and Toula Nicolacopoulos and is supported by a La Trobe University SOTL grant.
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Free for La Trobe Academics and Postgraduate Students

Universities worldwide are grappling with how to best prepare graduates capable of thriving in and making positive contributions to a globalised world. The idea that graduates might become global citizens with increased employability as a result of participating in an internationalised curriculum has been part of this conversation.

Educators are frequently encouraged to engage students in ‘transformative’ and ‘global’ learning as part of global citizenship education and an internationalised curriculum. While some academics are close to achieving the educational aims of promoting compassionate and critical thinkers, others wonder if they have the necessary capacity and support to facilitate these and other bold and ambitious goals espoused by champions of global citizenship education.

This symposium is the culminating event of a three-year scholarship of teaching and learning project Building Excellence in Global Citizenship Education (BEGCE).

In posing the question 'Are we there yet?', we bring attention to the contested nature of global citizenship education and its relationship to internationalisation of the curriculum. We will draw on the wisdom of international, national and local colleagues to inspire open and vibrant conversation that traverses teaching and learning, higher education policy and the student experience and explore:

  • challenges and opportunities for change: preparing institutions, academics and students for a global playing field
  • is global citizenship 'core business' and what might it mean for my discipline
  • the global “classroom” at work: lessons for global and transformative learning from the field
  • can education for global citizenship enable learners and academics to critically engage with power, privilege, justice, and urgent global issues?

Guest speakers

Professor Lynette Shultz (University of Alberta, Canada); Professor Fazal Risvi (University of Melbourne); Associate Professor Valerie Clifford (Oxford Brookes University, UK); Assistant Professor Tracy Zou (The University of Hong Kong); Dr Wendy Green (University of Tasmania).


La Trobe University, City Campus

Level 20, 360 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia



15th Feb 2019 8:42pm

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