All that is Solid

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All that is Solid All that is solid is an exhibition of paintings, photographs, prints, drawings and sculptures that comment on ideas of institutional power. Spanning six decades, these works invite us to reflect upon the power dynamics embedded in political, social and economic systems.

Tuesday 27 April 2021 10:00 am until Sunday 18 July 2021 05:00 pm (Add to calendar)
La Trobe Art Institute
5444 7272;
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La Trobe Art Institute
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Community Event; Exhibition; Public

The exhibition looks at a range of contexts and ways in which expressions of power are manifested. Works by Australian artists Mike Chavez, Narinda Reeders, Naomie Sunner and Bernard Boles investigate educational order, corporate office settings and political iconography respectively. A number of works in the exhibition ask us to consider the ways bodies engage with architecture in the context of an implied or explicit authority. Some of the works challenge our assumptions or propose new perspectives on institutional contexts. Others offer metaphorical interpretations of loaded or absent forces.

The works in the north gallery suggest order, modularity and repetition, where the place of the body in architectural space might trigger thoughts about the influence of regulated environments on our identities. Jian Jun Xi’s Kiss earth and Rose Wong’s Untitled bronze grenade are recent acquisitions that form part of the Geoff Raby Collection of Chinese Art. The works in the south gallery explore the links between concepts of time, absence, imprint and reflection. Together, they offer a poetic provocation: What in our world is seen and unseen, known and unknown, included and excluded, addressed or ignored?

Image: All that is solid  (2021) installation view, La Trobe Art Institute. Artwork (left to right) Bea Maddock, Jian Jun Xi, Michael Cook, Mike Chavez.  Photo: Ian Hill

La Trobe Art Institute

121 View Street Bendigo, 3550



21st Sep 2021 7:08pm

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