4th Australasian Political Theory and Political Philosophy conference

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Keith Haring outdoor mural Collingwood The Australasian Political Theory and Philosophy conference has been a warm and convivial event, prompting lively conversations, showcasing collaborations, featuring book panels and more.

Thursday 13 February 2020 until Friday 14 February 2020 (Add to calendar)
Dr Miriam Bankovsky and Dr Nicholas Barry
m.bankovsky@latrobe.edu.au; n.barry@latrobe.edu.au
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La Trobe University School of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Free for students, casuals and unwaged individuals (but still confirm your attendance using the “Book now” button). $40 for waged individuals (both continuing and fixed term).
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4th Australasian political theory conference program.pdf [PDF, 801.3 KB]

Image credit: Keith Haring Mural Collingwood - Photographed provided by Wikimedia. Reproduced here under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International Licence.

Registrations are now closed.

The conference first began in 2016, with the aim of creating a regular forum for discussing research and ideas. Before this, political theorists and political philosophers had found themselves dispersed among a variety of peak organisations, associations and disciplines (including politics, philosophy, sociology, law, anthropology, cultural studies, law, gender studies, and so on). The conference was established not only to promote interaction and collaboration but also to feature the vibrancy of political theory and political philosophy in Australasia, in its plurality.

This year’s conference will take place at La Trobe University’s City Campus. It will take place across two levels (Level 3 and Level 20), with Level 3 serving as the Reception for the conference. Please come to Level 3 on the morning of Thursday 13th.


Registration for the conference is free for students, casuals, and unwaged attendees. There will now be a small fee for waged attendees (continuing and fixed-term) to assist us to cover your catering for the two days. This will include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. An optional Conference Dinner will be held at Rice, Paper, Scissors in the CBD on Thursday 13th February, from 7.30pm.

Keynote panels and other features

At this conference, we have chosen to further opportunities for organic collaboration and exchange by privileging panel submissions around themes. In a similar vein, instead of having keynote speakers, we are planning the following Keynote Panels and workshops.

  • A Keynote Panel on Indigenous Knowledge as a Source for Theory, with Associate Prof. Morgan Brigg, Dr Mary Graham, and Associate Prof. Sana Nakata.
  • A Keynote Panel on Academic Freedom, with Chancellor and former Chief Justice Robert French, Professor Katharine Gelber and Dr Miriam Bankovsky.
  • A Workshop on The Moral Challenges of bringing Political Philosophy to the Media with Scott Stephens from ABC Radio National’s The Minefield.
  • A live recording of ABC Radio National’s The Minefield, hosted by Scott Stephens and Waleed Aly.
  • Two panels on recently published or forthcoming books, by Dr Lindy Edwards and Dr Sandra Field.

Reflecting a number of the pressing concerns of our times, there are also panels on employment and authority, corporations, multi-species justice, market morality, non-Western political theory, among other important topics.


Conference Program [PDF 801 KB]

Things to do while you are in Melbourne

There is an exhibition on work by Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) with which our conference overlaps.

Exhibition: Keith Haring | Jean-Michel Basquiat: Crossing Lines

La Trobe University City Campus (Level 3 and Level 20)

360 Collin Street, Melbourne VIC 3000



6th Mar 2021 9:30pm

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