2022 Christie Eliezer Memorial Lecture

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Epidemic to immuno-epidemic models of COVID-19

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Monday 21 November 2022 06:00 pm until Monday 21 November 2022 07:00 pm (Add to calendar)
La Trobe Asia
Presented by:
Professor Malay Bannerjee
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Public Lecture

Presented by Professor Malay Banerjee, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur, India

The speaker is one of the world's most prolific publishers in mathematical epidemiology.


In this talk Professor Malay Banerjee will present a new modelling approach for the COVID-19 epidemic that accounts for the variation of how people experience COVID within a population. Variation in the period of infectivity, the time required for recovery, and days spent at the hospital vary significantly from one individual to another. This approach involves distributed recovery and death rates, and variable infectivity based upon the immunity level of the individuals. The infection transmissibility rate (how easily COVID is transmitted to other people) depends upon the immune response's strength and antibody level due to vaccination and acquired immunity.

This proposed new model will help to evaluate the COVID-19 epidemic situation and inform response.


The Memorial Lecture is a tribute to the legacy of Christie Eliezer AO. Christie Eliezer, a Sri Lankan National, was the first professor of applied mathematics at La Trobe University, after a distinguished academic career at Cambridge, Colombo, Princeton, Chicago and Kuala Lumpur. His contributions to the University over the 15 years, until retirement, had a lasting impact on the direction and success of the mathematical sciences at La Trobe University.

This is a hybrid event and will also be online for people unable to attend in-person

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4 Oct 2023 12:44 am

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