PhD Symposium paper submission

The PhD Symposium will provide PhD students with the opportunity to present their proposal or a working paper and receive expert feedback on their work. The Symposium will also enable students to interact and network with eminent researchers from universities across the globe.

PhD Research Proposal Submission

Submission of Abstract (max 500 words) of the PhD research proposal in pdf format MUST be submitted through the link below by 5 January 2020.

Acceptance of PhD proposal will be notified around 15 January 2020.

A full proposal or research paper is to be submitted on or before 15 February 2020 with their registration fees for the assessment of award. Only complete proposals or research papers are considered for an award.


Eligibility for symposium

PhD Students who have successfully passed their confirmation. Ideally, students will have a polished draft of their first/core empirical chapter and a clear plan for their yet to be completed dissertation.

Limited places are available for those who have not yet completed one year in their program but are well advanced in developing their research ideas.

Six Best Research Proposal / Paper Awards ($500 each)

A total of six best research proposals / papers, one from each of the categories below, will be selected for PhD Symposium research proposal/paper awards.

  1. Accounting Information/ Disclosures
  2. Asset Pricing, Market Microstructure and Financial Markets
  3. Corporate Finance and Financial Intermediations
  4. Corporate Governance
  5. Funds Management and Investment: Pension Funds, Mutual Funds and Superannuation
  6. Behavioral Finance, Digital Finance and Risk Management

Selection Process for PhD Symposium Awards

Only those that have registred for the PhD Symposium/ Conference and submit the complete research paper by 15 February 2020 are considered for an award. Submission must be made via the submission link. Members of the PhD symposium committee will assess all research proposals on the basis of their rigor, relevance and potential contribution to the literature.