Previous Conference Highlights

2018 HDR Conference Highlights

Keynote Speaker: Kim Mahood

Mapping hidden geographies – the writer as cartographer

Imagine the document you have before you are not a book but a map. It is well-used, creased, and folded so that when you open it, no matter how carefully, something tears and a line that is neither latitude nor longitude opens in the hidden geography of the place you are about to enter.

PhD and Beyond

Panel of La Trobe Graduates: Dr Sarah MacLean, Dr James Burford, Dr Lauren Gawne and Dr Bronwyn Hinz

2017 HDR Conference Highlights

Keynote Speaker: Professor Dennis Altman AM

Why Arts Matter

Over the past two decades there has been a steady decline in student interest in Humanities and Social Sciences, reflected in declining student enrolments and fewer academic positions. We can react to these changes by retreating into increasingly erudite academic byways, or by finding new ways to emphasize the importance of creativity and social analysis. My talk draws on thirty years' experience at La Trobe, and on the changing nature of writing and social communication during those decades

PhD and Beyond

Panel of La Trobe Graduates: Dr Gustavo Portes, Dr Mark Mallman, Dr Robyn Sampson, Dr Damir Mitric