What the essentials mean for you

What are the Essentials?

The La Trobe Essentials are Global Citizenship, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Thinking.

They are three vital areas of learning designed to give you an edge — wherever your studies take you.

The Essentials will be embedded in your subjects and will provide a broader context for assessments, reading, thinking and practice.

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Why are they important?

The La Trobe Essentials take you beyond your course content, to examine the larger canvas of your studies.

And they complement one another. For example, Sustainability Thinking will require you to consider the global dimensions of 'sustainability' and/or its relationship to the possible benefits and costs of innovation.

Such important interrelationships are a key feature to which you will be exposed.

One of the goals of studying the Essentials is to equip you to think and respond beyond conventional boundaries, to adapt your thinking to new contexts and apply your knowledge and skills in a rapidly changing world.

What do they mean for your studies?

If you are a La Trobe undergraduate student commencing in first year from 2014 onwards, you will have opportunities to complete subjects in your degree which have significant content and assessment on each of the Essentials.

Many students will focus on one Essential each year, although in some courses, subjects may contain significant content on more than one Essential. There is no preferred order of completion.

By the end of your degree, you will have gained an understanding and experience of each Essential.

How will the Essentials be assessed?

There must be one major assessment task drawing on the content on one or more of the Essentials in each of the designated subjects. Students who pass the subject will automatically meet the requirement for the Essential(s) also.

How are the colleges preparing for this learning?

Colleges have assessed current courses for significant content on each of the Essentials and a gap analysis is currently underway.

Colleges are also identifying subjects which can be offered to you as electives in other colleges and subjects are being designed or re-designed as needed so that you have the opportunity to complete all three Essentials.

All majors must either include the Essentials, or space must be available within the degree for you to take relevant electives from other areas. Subject learning guides and the University Handbook will need to be updated to indicate which subjects meet the Essentials requirements, and in what ways.

What you need to do

Consider the Essentials carefully when planning your course. Focus on what most interests you, what will help build your employability, what will give you a broader context for your learning and how you take that into the wider world.

You may even consider taking electives in other fields to really deepen your learning — and your competitiveness in the job market.

To help you build an exciting and promising degree, support will be available from your schools, colleges and academic advisers.