Reproductive ecology

Recent funding

Australia and Pacific Science Foundation - Mitigating the ecological impacts of nighttime light pollution on wildlife: documenting the impacts of artificial light on species and developing 'wildlife friendly' lighting

  • Dr K Robert, Dr J Lesku, Dr B Chambers and A Sozio
  • Funding $41,204 for 2015-2017.

Australian Alps national parks Co-operative Management Program/Zoos Victoria/NSW Office of Environment & Heritage - Traversing Sky-Islands: investigating genetic divergence and habitat connectivity in the conservation of the Guthega skink, Liopholis guthega

  • Zak Atkins and Dr K Robert
  • Funding $24,500 for 2015-2016.

Parks Victoria Research Partners Panel - Investigating the efficacy of roost boxes as a conservation tool for arboreal mammals and tree roosting bats

  • Stephen Griffiths and Dr K Robert
  • Funding $21,952 for 2014-2016.