Industry and community engagement

Interaction with the local community is important to the La Trobe Business School (LBS). We are outward looking and support strong links with industry, schools, community groups and other stakeholders. We are continually considering new courses in conjunction with the community. The Department collaborates within the regional, national and international entrepreneurship ecosystems. This ensures our graduates develop the theoretical and practical skills required in their chosen career  .

Building strong industry linkages

As part of our commitment to developing strong linkages with business and industry, LBS has appointed Professors of Professional Practice in a range of disciplinary areas to ensure the relevance of practice-based programs and to engage more effectively with professional communities.

Professor of Practice specialised in entrepreneurship, innovation, and marketing

Professors of Practice have significant experience in business, public or the not-for-profit sectors and play a key role in facilitating links between the Business School and industry. They contribute to the design of industry relevant curriculum, reflecting best practice nationally and internationally, as well as conducting lectures, workshops and executive programs.