About the department

The Department incorporates three disciplines: entrepreneurship and innovation, marketing, and business information systems management.

We offer degrees at both the undergraduate and postgraduate coursework level as well as Honours and Higher Degree Research (HDR).

The staff are active researchers, and are engaged with industry in activities that build students' employability, and create impact in communities. Through its research, teaching and engagement, we are committed to the promotion of social, economic and environmental responsibility and sustainability in management, business and societal contexts.

Our Mission

Mission statement

La Trobe Business School is a community of students, academics, and professionals committed to enhancing business learning through education and research which is innovative, responsible and engaged.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

The role of entrepreneurship and innovation is becoming increasingly important in modern business practices. Today’s business leaders understand the need to approach problems with a sense of innovation and creativity.

Through research and teaching, the department’s entrepreneurship and innovation discipline explores the linkage between entrepreneurship and performance, taking into account both profit and not-for-profit, and government perspectives.


Our marketing staff members specialise in innovations in marketing by being proactive and responding to new areas and new issues in marketing, including international marketing and exports through an innovation lens.

We provide students with a fresh innovative take on these marketing practices through teaching experience, giving students a competitive edge as they step into the workforce after graduation.

Business information management systems

Through the Business information management systems discipline, the Department aims to provide students with an understanding of business information systems concepts and tools as they are applied to diverse business environments, through research and teaching.

The business information management systems program employs a unique mix of business and IT subjects to enable students to analyse and design business information systems in context of business-IT strategy alignment for creating business and customer value. It equips students with design thinking and business process improvement tools to undertake system requirement analysis. It develops a capacity in students for data and information analysis using industry-based business intelligence tools such as SAS enterprise Miner as well as through team-based, real-world business intelligence projects. Students also develop skills to critique business process re-engineering strategies of organisations in the context of Enterprise Relationship Management (ERP) tools like SAP and advanced tools such as Software as a Service (SaaS).

In the process, it equips students with requirement analysis, information and data analysis, information management, ERP, ICT problem solving, and system development skills.