Signal Processing Algorithms (SPA)

The SPA group's research involves the development of mathematical algorithms for manipulation of ordered numerical data and can also be considered to fall under the field of computational/numerical mathematics.

The nature of work in the group involves the development or application of mathematical and statistical techniques (e.g. Fourier analysis and Bayesian statistics) for algorithm development, which finds a variety of applications in science and engineering. The group has been performing research in the areas of statistical signal modelling and machine learning, blind system identification and parameter estimation, wavelets and filter banks.

The group has had a good record of publication in high quality journals like the IEEE. The work is internationally recognised, as evidenced by our citations. The group has also established collaborations with industry such as Cochlear and the National Cyber Security Lab.

The group is expanding its interest to emerging areas like biometric security, advanced optimisation techniques in new generations of wavelets, and abstract algebraic techniques in new generations of numerical algorithms. One of the main philosophies of the group is to produce work of high academic value that will be widely cited but also has practical applications.

Watch Selvaraaju Murugesan speaking about wavelet techniques in proteomics and talking about his experience as an Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) intern.


If you are interested in Honours or postgraduate research, contact a member of SPA group: