Product development and commercialisation

Centre for Technology Infusion (CTI)

We are Australia’s premier Research and Innovation Centre specialized in delivering technology-based innovations to industry and government clients, located in La Trobe’s Research and Innovation Precinct

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of the new technologies and over the past eleven years, we have delivered several award-winning projects in high impact application areas with a focus on:

  • smart transport
  • traceable logistics and supply chains
  • smart energy management
  • smart homes
  • smart cities
  • ag-tech
  • med-tech

It couldn’t be a more exciting time for our Centre: we have been at the forefront of the technologies that are now starting to drive the next major industrial and societal shifts; Micro-electronics, data processing and connectivity will be central to the convergence of new the technological possibilities. With unprecedented urban growth in Asia, there are significant Research, Innovation and Commercialization opportunities. That’s why The Centre for Technology is launching The Asia Smart City Network to attract investment. To date more than 70 researchers from top universities in Asia have joined our network.

In everything we do, we aim to achieve two things: de-risk our client’s investment and drive real change.

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The Centre of Technology Infusion will be represented by:

Ani Desai

Ani Desai

Director, Centre for Technology Infusion

Professor Desai has successfully led several multi-million-dollar R&D programs in socially relevant high impact application areas such as intelligent transportation systems, energy management, logistics/supply chain and precision agriculture. Nearly every major project delivered by Professor Desai has involved live field use of the new technology or solution being developed, and most of his projects have been profiled on TV, radio and in print media. Professor Desai’s work has resulted in several innovative designs and patent applications which have underpinned a number of start-up companies.

Professor Desai has received many prestigious industry innovation awards recognising excellence in R&D innovation at state, national and international levels, and he was also the winner of Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence in 2016. Professor Desai has served on advisory groups and expert panels for a number of government departments and institutions. Professor Desai is also currently the Chief Technology Officer of SensaData – an innovative technology company partnering with his Centre to develop and commercialise next-generation intelligent RFID technology for logistics and supply-chain applications.

Specialty: Technology based "solution" realisation from concept to delivery. I have experience in leading diverse R&D teams from big-picture vision to complex system realisation in multi-disciplinary areas: Micro-nano electronics and System-on-chip (SOC) design, Embedded Hardware and Software, Web/Enterprise Software, Communication/Wireless Systems, Large/Complex Data Analytics, HPC Computing, Databases Systems, Sensor Systems, Modelling and Simulation, and System Integration

Erik Van Vulpen

Erik Van Vulpen

Deputy Director, Centre for Technology Infusion

A specialist in innovation and business marketing, Erik has a strong background delivering global innovation projects. As AGM Marketing, Erik managed a portfolio of 8 brands, and grew Heineken with 17% in a market segment that was growing at 11%. In Australia, at NBN Co, he set up foundational strategy tools, such as a nationwide customer experience measurement and realised marked improvement in satisfaction ratings. Erik has been involved in early stage start-ups throughout his career, as Evangelist for Augmented Reality start-up Plattar, prior to joining the Centre for Technology Infusion.