Sustainable Transport Corridors for the year 2040: Napier Street, Bendigo Case Study

Population growth, increased motor vehicle usage, aging infrastructure and urban sprawl are contributing factors to traffic congestion, resulting in longer travel times for commuters. At the same time government funding provided to road authorities to solve this problem are ever reducing. Hence, innovative transport solutions need to be implemented to reduce the load on existing roads.

This project investigates varied transport solutions and how they might apply to satisfy the transport demand to year 2040. Napier Street, an existing urban arterial road in Bendigo, was used as a case study to enable the development of the innovative solution. The proposed solution comprises of a central bus dedicated lane, diversion of the heavy traffic, provision of separate lanes for motor-vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles traffic, and relocating the street parking on the lateral streets. Public consultation with the residents and businesses in the area will act as an educational tool and will facilitate acceptance and smooth change in people’s mindset about how they will travel in the years to come.