Smart Level & Distance Meter tool (SLDM)

The Smart Level & Distance Meter tool (SLDM) is a two in one electronic package, comprising both a smart electronic level and distance meter. The tool is mainly intended for use in industrial sector by tradies, builders and civil engineers. Its core function is to enable the user to obtain quick and accurate measurements of an object’s orientation in 3D space -including its roll, pitch and yaw- as well as its distance to another object.

How it works?

The SLDM uses an internal gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer for orientation measurements. Measurements are made in real time by placing the SLDM tool on any surface. Distance is obtained by projecting a pulsed infrared light onto another object and pressing a button to take the measurement. (Uses TOF technique). Inbuilt LCD and separate PC show all measurements, and it can interface with any computer using Bluetooth to display the measurements. The main objective of this project was to design and develop a functioning prototype device that combines and enhances the features of an electronic smart level and distance meter.