Plant weighing monitor

The aim is to help assist the research and nurture the growth of plants under environmental stresses and changes. The objective of this project was to design and develop a pressure pad that measures the pressure given by the plant and to determine its weight. The intention was to complete the project relatively cheap using components and materials researched and purchased. The prototype was designed using most of the materials and components that are intentionally going to be used as a final product and determine the coding function that will be applied.

A prototype pressure sensing pad was constructed with materials that has been researched and was connected to a pressure sensor. Measurements from the sensors were detected and tested for accuracy of the water pressure at different heights and with weights placed onto the pressure pad to determine the change of weight applied on a set surface area of the padding. Although there were many draw backs with other priorities, having the pressure pad function wirelessly from the main processor with high accuracy would be an another step of future progress of the project design.