Climate Prediction Tool for the Murray Darling Basin Including Solar Activity and Planetary Forces

In a changing climate, it is paramount to have an adequate tool to predict climate variability. This is particularly critical for Murray Darling Basin, known as the food bowl of Australia.

Limited work has been done regarding climate prediction for the Murray Darling Basin. Existing studies have used various techniques to estimate the variation of climate for south-eastern Australia based on global climate models used by the International Panel on Climate Change. However, these ignore the effect of solar activity on climate variation.

Therefore, a user friendly climate prediction tool needs to be developed, specifically tailored for the Murray Darling Basin. It is expected that this tool will enable more effective climate predictions on a decadal scale, hence more efficient evaluation of the future conditions in the area. The proposed tool will include the influences of Solar activity and planetary motions to account for natural variability. Such model could be easily tailored for other regional areas, beneficial in effective planning of varied activities in agriculture, irrigation, water distribution at local, state and federal levels, respectively.