Student Projects - Engineering

Plant weighing monitor

The objective of this project was to design and develop a pressure pad that measures the pressure given by the plant and to determine its weight.

CountaKick foetal monitoring system

The countakick project focuses on the development of a monitoring system relating to foetal movement.

Microscope Smartphone Adapter

This project introduces an adapter that attaches mobile phones to microscopes for taking focused high resolution photos and video.

Directional speakers

This project aims to produce a speaker that exhibits the properties of a directional speaker with a reasonable audio quality.

WiFi laser tag

Loc Tag is a low cost GPS and Wi-Fi enabled Laser Tag system allowing users to play anywhere with Wi-Fi coverage.

Automatic Bicycle gear

The aim of this project was to design and implement an automatic electronic gear shifting system on a bicycle.

GPS fitness watch

The goal of this project was to design, build, and program a GPS fitness watch that can determine how far the user has run.

Window climbing robot

The purpose of this project is to design and manufacture a window climbing robot capable to reduce the need of high risk job associated with building climbing.

Self-balancing bicycle

The goal of this project is to create an artificial system that closely mimics a human riding a bicycle, such that a self balancing bicycle can be achieved.

BMW Electric Vehicle next generation battery test bench

The core aspect of this project was to create a toolchain to optimise BMW’s current test environment for battery powered electric vehicles.

Automatic theatre spotlight operators

The aim of this project was to replace human followspot operator with an automated system that tracks an individual’s movements around a stage.

Comparison of voice activity detection algorithms for Parkinson's speech

This project aims to compare the performance of Voice Activity Detection algorithms for use in objective speech analysis for Parkinson’s disease.

Mapvent Project

A functional prototype for an Android app that superimposes local events on a map to help create real face-to-face communities.

Three dimensional high throughput phenotyping system

A compact low cost system designed to develop a comprehensive, multi‐dimensional phenotypical model for dissection of plant parameters.

Smart Level & Distance Meter tool (SLDM)

A two in one electronic package that enables the user to obtain quick and accurate measurements of an object’s orientation in 3D space - including its roll, pitch and yaw - as well as its distance to another object.

Advanced Central Heating System

This project aims to produce an intelligent control unit to signicantly increase efficiency of single thermostat heating systems.

Strength Enhancement of Cold‐Formed Compression Members in Composite with High Strength Linings

This project conducts research to understand the strength contribution of gypsum plasterboard to walls framed with cold-formed steel studs.

Further Analysis of an innovative composite pavement design

The scope of this project is to review past research into the feasibility and applicability of semi-rigid pavements in Victoria.

Investigation of Mining Backfill Materials and Techniques at Fosterville Gold

This project investigates the current practices and technologies for mining backfill.

Sustainable Transport Corridors for the year 2040: Napier Street, Bendigo Case Study

This project investigates varied transport solutions and how they might apply to satisfy the transport demand to year 2040.

Climate Prediction Tool for the Murray Darling Basin Including Solar Activity and Planetary Forces

This projects aims to develop a tool that will enable more effective climate predictions on a decadal scale for Murray Darling Basin.