Student Projects - Computer Science


La Trobe Real-Time Transport Data

There is a distinct need to keep students and staff at La Trobe University up to date with the PTV schedules that directly relate to our campuses.

Spectrometry Made Accessible

Mobile computing and the IoT revolution is changing the way we think about devices and the data they produce.

La Trobe Demand Driven Transport

Students / staff provide transport opportunities to our own travelling community via a web / mobile enabled system.

HR Data Visualisation

This project has developed an innovative online resource to promote data collection, visualisation and analysis in corporate environments.

Pivot Maritime Controls Visualisation

This project develops interfaces by using software and consumer tablets to replace expensive hardware control panels.

Bluetooth Advertising Framework

A proof of concept prototype for using BLE (bluetooth low energy) beacons to push supermarket pricing specials to mobile devices.

Passive Detection of Pedestrian Traffic

We detect background radio traffic of smartphones in a certain location to measure pedestrian activity.

Cognitive Decision System based on Behavioural Mining for Dynamic Dashboards

A system to analyse a user behaviour and to use behavioural mining to optimise web interfaces for efficiency.

La Trobe Virtual Reality Campus – 50 years ahead

Virtual reality tools to view our dreams for the future of the Bundoora campus.

Flora and Fauna Mobile App

The purpose of the app is to educate students, staff and other campus visitors regarding the flora and fauna that inhabit the La Trobe campuses and inspire them to engage with nature.

Bluetooth GeoSports

In a mix of trail-running and geocaching we have developed a very fun and engaging outdoor activity.

Secure Wireless System

In this project we have developed a multi-component network design, review and implementation roadmap to implement secure wires connectivity.

Wireless Design and Optimisation

New approaches to wireless design methods to implement solutions in high-density areas.