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La Trobe Accelerator Program (LTAP)

La Trobe Accelerator Program (LTAP) promotes and supports the development of start-ups arising from within the broader regional community of Victoria and La Trobe University i.e. students, staff and alumni groups. Its main aim is to assist entrepreneurs in transforming good ideas into viable businesses or enable established start-ups to scale up. LTAP offers resources such as equity free funding, business acumen and tailored, dedicated support to help entrepreneurs, tech-innovators and start-ups to pursue their goals and ventures. By engaging regional businesses, Victorian communities, students and researchers, into a single network, LTAP strengthened La Trobe University’s commitment towards outstanding entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our program structure is unique:

  • Each team receives 1:1 coaching with a diverse range of industry-based mentors
  • Start-up teams can receive equity-free funding
  • Office space at our two LTAP Hubs- in Bendigo and Bundoora
  • Workshops on topics such as business planning, finance, selling, globalism, wellness, marketing and IT platforms
  • Graduation Ceremony - The La Trobe Accelerator Program concludes with a Graduation Ceremony; an exciting platform for our start-ups to gain recognition and potentially secure further investment at the end of the incubation period. The start-ups pitch their businesses to an expected audience of 150 stakeholders, including investors.


  • At least one member of the team needs to be student, staff or alumni of any year from La Trobe University.


  • All community members from Regional Victoria are welcome to participate. The first condition does not apply to those applying from regional Victoria.

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The Accelerator program will be represented by:

Abby Shrivastava, LTAP.

Abby Shrivastava

Engagement and Support Officer, La Trobe Accelerator Program

Abby Shrivastava is the Engagement and Support Officer at the La Trobe Accelerator Program. His main role is to provide high level support to the Director of the program, assisting and encouraging the development of strategies and plans aimed at achieving program’s objectives.

Abby is tasked with the development and management of high-quality purposeful relationship with academics, university key stakeholders and industry partners. He is also responsible for researching funding opportunities, reviewing grant proposals for compliance and eligibility, and submitting University-endorsed applications to external funding bodies.

Cerasela Tanasescu, LTAP.

Cerasela Tanasescu

Director, La Trobe Accelerator Program

Cerasela is the Director of La Trobe Accelerator Program, with the primary role of overseeing the development and implementation of a strong entrepreneurial program all over Victoria and in all La Trobe Campuses.

Passionate about innovation, Cerasela truly thinks that sustainable start-ups are the key for a better future. She perceives fostering innovation and entrepreneurship as one of the core missions of academia.