Engineering industry committees

The Industry Course Advisory Committee (IAC) comprises practicing professionals from industry and local government. The committees meet with academic staff and management to review our degrees and discuss improvements. A key aim of the committees is to inform the University of current professional practice and alert academics to emerging trends in the workplace. This ensures our course content, professional practice, laboratory equipment and software meet the latest industry standards. Furthermore, it ensures that the graduates are employable and job ready with an appropriate skill set for a career in engineering.

The committees are responsible for:

  • ensuring that our degrees are widely recognised as premium courses, imparting practice-based engineering skills meeting world’s best practice
  • forming a strong industry network to support academic staff
  • building our reputation as the University of choice with prospective students
  • providing guidance on engineering research relevant to industry needs
  • assisting the Department in developing best practice.

The committees will provide strategic support to:

  • ensure the quality of courses and outcomes to enable students to achieve the desirable attributes once they graduate, in order to meet the demands of an evolving industry
  • strengthen areas of importance and relevance for the future development of the engineering discipline
  • develop interrelationships with government, professional institutions and other relevant influential bodies.

Melbourne committee industry representatives

Chris Stoltz, Chair

  • President of Engineers Australia, Victoria Division
  • Managing Director, CEO Spatial Partners Pty Ltd assisting NBN Co.
  • 2012 Sir John Holland Civil Engineer of the Year

Greg Adamson

  • Associate Director, Operational Assurance, ANZ Bank
  • President IEEE Social Implications of Technology
  • Principal Fellow, University of Melbourne, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Rhys Anderson

  • Arup, Senior Process Engineer (Water)

Lior Arad

  • Hacer, Project Manager/Engineer
  • Project Manager, Advanced Technologies and Architectures at NBN

Patrick Carey

  • Managing Director CPE Systems Pty Ltd

Justin Carline

  • Director, Food Technology Centre
  • Leader of global expansion, efficiency and profitability programs

Danny Edmunds

  • Manager, Electronic Design Team at Continental

Catherine Fernando

  • Planning and Environmental Engineer, MWH Global

Daniel Martin

  • CEO, Aston Social and AnswerCrowd

Fiona McGill

  • Project Manager, NBNCo
  • IT program lead; Managed proof of concept technology projects

Peter Mosser

  • General Manager, User Acceptance Testing, Telstra Networks and Access
  • Over 20 years experience managing teams that perform large-scale software integration and testing
  • Experience in banking, fixed and mobile telephony and internet service providers

Lindsay Patone

  • Director, Vert Engineering

David Simmons

  • General Manager, Asphaltech

Robert Slaviero

  • General Manager, Analog Devices

Victor Young

  • Market Director, Energy, Oil and Gas, Aurecon

Bendigo committee industry representatives

Shayne Wright, Chair

  • Senior Systems Engineer, Thales
  • Systems engineering, process improvement, autonomous fleet interaction and selection, maintenance, electronic warfare, technology analysis and cyber-security

Timothy Dunlop, Vice-chair

  • Regional Management Group, CEO
  • Chair of Bendigo Group of  Engineers Australia

Luke Barry

  • Regional Manufacturing Manager, Parmalat (Lactalis)

Deane Belfield

  • Director, Eco2Sys Australia Pty Ltd
  • Entrepreneur, innovator and facilitator
  • Expert in business sustainability assessment, strategies and implementation frameworks

Paul Bowe

  • Managing Director, Terraco
  • Chartered Professional Engineer
  • 25 years experience as a  civil engineer

Thomas Zahle

  • Senior Associate Engineer, Spiire

Bassam El Aawar

  • Operations Manager, Australian Turntable Company

Klaus Frank

  • General Manager, Industrial Conveying Australia

Bruce Granger

  • Operations Manager, Industrial Conveying Australia

Graeme Lawler

  • Director, Leed Engineering
  • Civil Engineer with 30 years experience
  • Expertise in design and construction of civil infrastructure and building projects

Brett Martini

  • Manager, Engineering and Public Space at City of Greater Bendigo

Neville Pearce

  • Chief Operating Officer, Coliban Water

Naomi Sheppard

  • Project Engineer, North Eastern Water, Wodonga