Meet our student

Mohammed Al Hadhrami Mr Mohammed Al Hadhrami

Course of study:
Graduate, Master in Applied Linguistics (coursework)

I’m a language instructor at a public university in Oman. I was lucky to receive a full scholarship from La Trobe.

At La Trobe, I learned to ask questions. Prior to my studies, I had beliefs and principles that I never dared to question. This questioning was, in fact, essential for me as a language lecturer at a university.

The subjects and assessments were directly related to what I do as a language teacher. I enjoyed the interaction with the lecturers and my colleagues. They helped me question assumptions about language and language learning and studying. My course equipped me with valuable strategies and resources to stand in front of a class and confidently conduct lessons.

I hope that my degree will allow me to obtain a better position at my current workplace, and enable me to pursue my PhD studies.

I loved the space and nature in Australia. You can easily get along with people who also come from different parts of the world. I liked that students accepted and respected my habits, backgrounds and beliefs.

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