Teach with technology

Teaching with technology is the use of digital content, programs and devices combined with pedagogical principles and practices to enhance the student learning experience.

Teaching online

Teaching online allows students to engage in their learning through a variety of online activities, embedded within a rich interactive online environment.

Blended learning

Blended learning allows students to interact with learning resources, the teaching community, and with their peers in both online and face-to-face environments.

Ed Tech

Discover more about La Trobe’s educational technologies including what is offered, how use them and where to get support.

Mobile technologies

Mobile technologies improve the accessibility and responsiveness of your online content with mobile design principles.

Digital media development guide

The digital media development guide offers an overview of production technologies and environments available through Ed Tech at La Trobe. It provides a guide to the development of digital media through the three stages of recording, editing and publishing.

Additional support

La Trobe University has produced a range of resources to support your teaching with technology.

For consultation or workshop support contact EdServices@latrobe.edu.au.