The goal of feedback is to give students a clear sense of how well they are doing and how they can achieve the learning outcomes to the appropriate standard. It is central to student learning and allows students to learn faster and more effectively.

Effective feedback is not only beneficial for your students. Improving your practice in assessment and feedback is likely to reduce your workload as well as increase student engagement, learning outcomes and satisfaction.

How do you provide feedback and promote learning?

There are different factors to consider when providing feedback.

1. Help clarify what good performance is:

  • provide a rubric
  • discuss exemplars of performance (e.g., what an ‘A’ looks like)
  • provide clear instructions for criteria and standards
  • conduct a discussion of these before assessment
  • involve students in assessing the work of their peers and providing feedback.

2. Deliver high quality information to students about their learning by:

  • giving timely feedback
  • highlighting the strengths of the assessment and how it fulfills the criteria
  • providing some praise together with constructive criticism
  • providing corrective advice around how to meet criteria, defined standards and expectation
  • limiting amount of feedback
  • prioritising areas for improvement.

3. Facilitate the development of self-assessment in learning by:

  • providing opportunities for peer assessment
  • providing opportunities for students to comment on their own progress.

4. Encourage teacher and peer dialogue around learning

5. Encourage positive motivation and self-esteem

6. Provide opportunities for students to close the gap between current and desired level of performance

More information regarding effective feedback can be found in the ‘Appropriate Assessment and Feedback’ module of the Teaching Improvement and Practice on the LMS [self-enrolment and staff login required].

Where to from here?

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