The Essentials are three perspectives across the curriculum in La Trobe undergraduate programs, and are vital areas of learning – Global Citizenship, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Thinking – which all La Trobe undergraduate students will experience to foster the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in the workplace and the wider world.

The Essentials are embedded within the wider curriculum and are designed to develop students’ capacity to address our most pressing global challenges. This includes being able to engage with the major economic, technological, political and social issues, and understand how these are often inter-woven; demonstrate flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing environments in the workplace and beyond; and, apply their knowledge and skills effectively and responsibly to help find solutions to these major challenges.

The Essentials Policy, located in the La Trobe Policy Library, has an overview of how the Essentials can be implemented in subjects and courses.

Global Citizenship

During their degrees, students will reflect on the opportunities and obligations of their citizenship in a globalising world. They will have opportunities to develop dispositions and perspectives which realise the interdependence and interconnectedness of contemporary societies, and to develop skills and values to equip them for intercultural contexts.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation relates to the introduction of the new; renewal, and change. Entrepreneurship refers to seizing opportunities and managing them effectively to realise their potential. Students will identify opportunities to propose practical and sustainable solutions to complex social, scientific or environmental challenges, in ways that harness social capital or increase value and benefits to communities.

Sustainability Thinking

Sustainability Thinking is a capacity to engage effectively with social, environmental and economic change and challenges in the contemporary world, and to understand the interdependence between social, economic and environmental systems. Areas for exploration  might include, for example, climate change, food and water security and human and labour rights.

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