Education Services provides support to develop your skills in designing for the student experience through courses and subjects. Design can be undertaken at the course or subject level and can be scaled to fit the needs of your course or subject.

What is covered in design?

The design process covers different areas, including:

  • assistance with the creation of Course and Subject Intended Learning Outcomes
  • the scope and sequencing of skills and knowledge in the curriculum
  • the constructive alignment of the curriculum, ensuring that assessments and learning and teaching activities support the achievement of the Intended Learning Outcomes
  • designing student interactions with content, educators and with each other
  • designing for engaging assessment
  • designing for quality feedback.

Curriculum Development

What are the foundations to designing a good course or subject? Gain a deeper understanding of the Curriculum Development process and how it can deliver better outcomes for you and your students.


The Essentials are three vital areas of learning and provide three perspectives in the curriculum which La Trobe students are expected to adopt across the disciplines, to ensure that their learning is purposeful and relevant to contemporary and future contexts. The La Trobe Essentials are:

  • Global Citizenship
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability Thinking

What design support options are available?

Looking for support with delivering a course or subject?

For additional support and advice with course or subject design contact Education Services.