The delivery of a subject or course is just as essential as their design and development. Education Services provides support and guidance throughout the delivery process, including implementing curriculum changes, measuring outcomes, using feedback and responding to results.

How do we support delivery?

Support for subject and course delivery is provided via:

  • support for implementation of curriculum changes
  • post-delivery evaluation through surveys of self-efficacy and the student experience
  • continuous improvement for subjects
  • options for peer observation of practice.


The Curriculum Development Program supports academic teaching teams to prepare their subjects for successful delivery.

Through collaboration, a sound educational rationale is established for making prospective changes in the subject and constructively aligning content, assessment design and Intended Learning Outcomes.

Academic teaching teams also have the opportunity to engage in personalised professional learning to enhance their capacity to deliver subjects.


Evaluation is a crucial phase in the subject development cycle. It measures the impact of interventions on learning outcomes, student engagement and experience, and teaching quality. It provides insight into key questions such as:

  • are students meeting the Intended Learning Outcomes?
  • how effective is the assessment design?
  • are students engaging with the content and each other?
  • are the learning experiences scaffolded effectively?
  • are the digital resources working as intended?

Evaluation is undertaken in multiple ways including:

  • continuous improvement in curriculum development (including staff and student surveys)
  • subject review against evidence-based quality indicators
  • bespoke assessment and feedback support.

Looking for support with delivering a course or subject?

For additional support and advice with course or subject delivery contact Education Services.