IRU Calibration

The Academic Calibration Project (ACP) is an external peer review process that is undertaken in collaboration across Innovative Research Universities (IRU) members. ACP provides an avenue for the review and feedback of assessments, learning outcomes and grades awarded for selected higher education units.


The ACP aims to:

  • demonstrate the appropriateness of the standards of learning outcomes and grades awarded in IRU universities
  • maintain and improve the academic standards of IRU
  • enable comparisons of learning outcomes in similar subjects across IRU
  • promote discussion on good practice in learning and teaching across IRU


The value of participating in Academic Calibration has been identified at all levels.  Highlights from feedback provided demonstrate benefit in:

  • The ability to benchmark and contextualise results across areas within and outside of the university.
  • The ability to demonstrate proactive practice, adherence to standards, and improving the ability to contribute information to complementary processes such as course review and accreditation, professional accreditation, and institutional quality assurance review.
  • Receiving constructive feedback to support continuous improvement in learning and teaching for students across an institution.
  • The outcomes of participation as a reviewer and a unit coordinator in the cross-fertilisation of ideas, and the influence on complementary processes such as professional development and academic recognition.


There are four key phases in ACP:

  • Engagement

    Subject coordinators elect to have their subject assessments reviewed through the ACP. The subject coordinator will select a reviewing academic from the recommendations provided.

  • Preparation

    The subject coordinator will collate student samples, and associated information e.g. unit outline, learning outcomes; and send to the La Trobe Calibration Coordinator. The Calibration Coordinator will de-identify assessments, curate the materials package, and send onto the reviewing university.

  • Review

    The reviewing academic will have a two-week window to assess materials provided, and write a short evaluative report using the report template. The report is returned to the unit coordinator to review.

  • Evaluation

    Upon completion, both academics complete a small survey on their calibration experience.

ACP has been designed to allow universities flexibility in the capacity in which they wish to participate.  This means while the process is streamlined there are no or limited restrictions on volume and timing, unit selection, assessment selection, and materials provided.

How do I get involved?

More information regarding the IRU Calibration Project can be viewed on the IRU website.

To find out more, or to become involved with the Project, contact Gary Davis, Senior Officer Course Performance and Benchmark.