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Education Services offers a range of resources, programs and courses that will enable you to provide the best possible learning support for our students and thrive during your time at La Trobe.

These resources and programs are suitable for existing staff members and those who have recently joined La Trobe.

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Foundations of Learning & Teaching Induction

These modules are the starting point of your learning and teaching induction and should be completed by everyone who is new and in a learning-support or teaching roles.

  • Module 1: Our Context, Our Students
    The module introduces you to the key concepts, ideas and strategies that underpin learning and teaching at La Trobe University.
  • Module 2: Introduction to LMS
    This module is also an essential part of your initial induction. In it, you will learn about the Learning Management System (LMS) which is the main platform on which our online material in modules, subjects and courses are built.
  • Module 3: Assessment and Feedback
    This module is optional but highly recommended for new teaching or learning support staff who are involved in the assessment of their students and the provision of feedback.

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Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

This course provides academic and professional staff in learning support and teaching roles the opportunity to undertake a teaching qualification that aims to formally credit practice-based learning about teaching.

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Peer Review of Teaching Scheme (PRTS)

Work with a peer partner, of your own choice or one assigned to you on request, in a series of peer-led collegial activities.

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Teaching Improvement of Practice in Subjects (TIPS)

This self-paced online program is designed around the six principles of good teaching practice identified by Paul Ramsden.

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Scholarship of Learning and Teaching (SoLT)

These are monthly forums for teaching and professional staff to discuss, critique and engage with SOLT research. Modules are available in all campus and are divided on Reading, Writing and Community of Practice sessions.

Note: 2020 Intake closed.

Learning and Teaching Lounge

You can drop-in to the Lounge for personalised help and support in developing an outstanding digital learning environment for your students.

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Where do I go from here?

For information about further professional development go to the Mentoring and Leadership page or contact your Business Partner Bree Wellington(ASSC & SHE).