New to Teaching

Education Services offers a range of resources, programs and courses that will enable you to provide the best possible learning support for our students and thrive during your time at La Trobe.

These resources and programs are suitable for existing staff members and those who have recently joined La Trobe.

How do I get involved?

Introduction to Teaching at La Trobe

These modules are the starting point of your learning and teaching induction and should be completed by everyone who is new  to teaching or learning support roles, including assessment and provision of feedback.

Part 1: Our context, our students | Webinar

This session is designed for staff who are new to a teaching or learning support role at La Trobe University.

It will introduce you to key concepts, strategies, policies and procedures that underpin learning and teaching here. You will learn about the nature of our diverse student cohort and how this diversity shapes our approaches to learning and teaching. On completion, you should be able to understand:

  1. La Trobe’s approach to learning and teaching
  2. Our student cohort and how you can best support their learning
  3. How to develop an inclusive teaching approach
  4. How to plan for those first few weeks of teaching using the resources provided for you
  5. Where and how to access further resources, as you need them, to further develop your learning and teaching skills.

Coming July 2021
For more information visit the Learning and Teaching PD Calendar.

Part 2: Assessment & Feedback | Webinar

This session is optional but highly recommended for new teaching or learning support staff who are involved in assessment and provision of feedback.

University students are focused on assessment, and assessment is a key driver for learning. Assessment both measures learning and informs future learning. This module will introduce you to some of the fundamental principles of assessment, including the importance of aligning assessment with the Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) of a subject and course. It focuses on how assessment and feedback can foster learning and enable your students to meet the goals of their course of study. On completion of this module, you should be able to:

  1. Recognise the importance of ILOs to the design of assessment
  2. Align your assessment practices with La Trobe University’s assessment policy and procedures
  3. Identify well-designed rubrics and improve your use of them
  4. Become familiar with and develop effective strategies for providing feedback for learning
  5. Embed academic integrity into every aspect of the assessment and feedback process

Coming July 2021
For more information visit the Learning and Teaching PD Calendar.

Part 1 | LMS module

If you are unable to attend the Introduction to Teaching at La Trobe  Part 1 webinar, you can study this module online at your own pace. The module contains resources and guides that will assist you in your learning.

LMS Module

Where do I go from here?

For information about further professional development go to the Mentoring and Leadership page or contact Karin Moses, Senior Lecturer, Educational Development.