Mentoring and leadership

Professional learning is an integral part of the learning culture at La Trobe University. Education Services have created a series of programs and resources to assist you in understanding and successfully applying new approaches to learning and teaching, taking your students and your career to new levels.

These resources support self-directed learning and sustain the delivery of high-quality learning experiences and curriculum development.


La Trobe has developed a range of resources and programs to help staff grow and develop their leadership skills including:

Peer coaching

Peer coaching is a reciprocal process that takes advantage of the close connections and varied expertise of our peers and colleagues and provides the opportunity for both participants to coach and be coached. The Peer Coaching resource provides a clear description of the process and some short, useful resources for getting the most out of your experience.

Peer Review of Teaching Scheme (PRTS)

The PRTS program encourages the sharing of good teaching practice across the University. It is open to all teaching staff wanting to improve an aspect of their teaching via peer engagement, and facilitates a collegial culture of peer-led learning in a context of quality enhancement in higher education.

PRTS is configured around the three key expectations of academics who teach:

  • design for effective teaching
  • delivery of effective teaching
  • leadership of effective teaching.

It connects academics with colleagues experienced in leading, designing or teaching a subject.

Visit the PRTS LMS site for more information about how you can get involved.

Want more information?

For more information about the mentoring and leadership opportunities please contact Education Services.