Guide for Educational Technologies

User guides, log in and support information for Educational technologies at La Trobe.

Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle

The Learning Management System (LMS) or MOODLE is a platform that supports the creation of a collaborative learning environment with a set of tools and activities that facilitate teaching and learning.

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Echo360 is the lecture capture and online delivery system used by La Trobe University. It offers increased flexibility to students who can review the content anywhere, anytime.

Echo360 Personal Capture is available for your PC or MAC to make screen recordings to publish to students through the EchoSystem.

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PebblePad is a web based program provided to all staff and students by La Trobe University to support the creation of a personal learning space (PLS) and ePortfolios.  PebblePad can be used to allow students to plan their work, organise evidence of their learning and record and reflect on their study.

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Manage My Subjects

Manage My Subjects is used to create and rollover subjects in the LMS.  Use Manage My Subjects to add student cohorts, staff and set access dates for your subject in the LMS.

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Zoom is a Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing Service. It allows users to share video, audio and screens with other connected users. Conference sessions can be recorded and it has a number of other mobile and web integrated features.

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Turnitin is a web-based text-matching software system available via integration with the LMS. Using Turnitin is part of La Trobe University's educational approach to minimise plagiarism and ensure the highest standards of academic integrity in assessable work.

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One Button Studios (1BS)

Create high-quality video recordings with a simple click of the button. The 1BS studios are designed to enable production of high-quality, web-ready video recordings. Focus on your presentation, not the technology.

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Office 365 for Learning and Teaching

La Trobe University is now using Office 365, Microsoft's cloud technology service, for email, storage, collaboration, sites, presentation, messaging and much more. It's accessible from anywhere, anytime and any device.

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D.O.R.I.S (Digital Object Repository with Integrated Services)

DORIS will provide storage, transcoding and delivery of digital content and multimedia resources for Learning & Teaching.

To be entered as an early adopter of this service do the following:

Email the DORIS Feedback Team at and request you be given a DORIS login and provide these details.

  • Name and email
  • College or name of central unit
  • Persona (lecturer, administrator etc.)


Note: DORIS logins are for staff – Students should contact SITS or their lecturer if they have trouble accessing videos in their LMS subject.

Self-Supported Web Technologies

The use of web and social media applications can benefit learning and teaching practice by encouraging learner-centred pedagogies, closing the gap between formal and informal participatory learning, improving the quality of learning and teaching through collaboration and peer review, creating authentic tasks and environments for learning with real world applications and scenarios, increasing students’ learning networks or learning communities of practice , encouraging life-long and life-wide learning and providing opportunity of collaborative knowledge construction

Further Support

Technical support for external web and social media applications is not generally provided by the University.

If, however, you would like to consult on the use of web applications in Learning and Teaching contact the Educational Design Team

Other Technologies for Learning and Teaching

We’ve curated some guides on commonly used web applications not supported by La Trobe University.  These are self-supported technologies that we know teaching staff have used and found useful in their learning and teaching.

Other Technology Guides