Media development

La Trobe University provides media development resources including the One Button Studios at all campuses, The Digital Media Development Guide and The Technology Lending Library.

One Button Studios

The One Button Studio (1BS) is a self-service video recording facility that removes the requirement to have any detailed knowledge about the technical aspects of video production such as cameras, lighting and audio. The studio is designed to allow you to produce high-quality web ready video recordings where you can spend time focusing on the presentation and content and not the technology.


Digital Media Development Guide

The Digital Media Development Guide (DMDG) offers an overview of production technologies and environments available through Ed-Tech at La Trobe University. It provides a guide to the development of digital media through the three stages of recording, editing and publishing.


Technology Lending Library

A resource of video, audio and lighting production equipment available for LTU staff for loan free of charge. Useful to supplement other available technologies or for those who like to DIY with semi-professional equipment.