What's new in LMS 3.1?

The recent update of our LMS, Moodle to version 3.1, sees some upgrades and minor changes to interface, functionality, and tools.

FeatureOverviewUseful Resources
Recycle BinProvides the opportunity to retrieve deleted activities and resources within a specified time.Recycle Bin
Quiz Type - Drag and drop into textA drag and drop question type where missing words have to be dragged into gaps in a paragraph of text.Drag and drop into text question type
Quiz Type - Select missing wordsSimilar to the Drag and drop into text question type, but uses drop-down menus in the text instead of drag-boxes.
Select missing words question type
Quiz Type - Drag and drop onto imageThis question type allows students to drag words, images or both from a list and drop them into pre-defined gaps on a base image.Drag and drop onto image question type
Quiz Type - Drag and drop markersStudents drag text markers to a location predefined by the teacher on a background image.Drag and drop markers question type
Forums - Pinned discussionsImportant forum posts can now be pinned to the top of your list, making them more visible to your students.Using forum - pinned posts (may need to scroll down the page)
Forums - RatingsAllows lecturers to control rating permissionsRating Permissions
Folder downloadWhen a Folder resource contains many files, students can download them all in a zipped file.Folder resource
Workshop submissions reportYou can now view all participants and filter to see who has and has not submitted to a workshop during the submission phase.Using workshop
Easier Section EditingChange section titles without leaving the page, speeding up the creation of your subject.Edit a course section (may need to scroll down the page)
Date Other enhancements Overview
2017/Mar/03GradebookTutors are now able to mark individual grade items using "Single View".
Dec/2016-Jan/2017 Subject order New subjects will appear at the top of the home dashboard list
Dec/2016-Jan/2017 Gradebook Gradebook calculation enhancements for easier grade book setup by lecturers
Dec/2016-Jan/2017 Download multiple assignments Select which assignments you want to download for offline viewing from a new option in the menu
Dec/2016-Jan/2017 Group Filtering Allows lecturers and tutors to filter grading via groups
Dec/2016-Jan/2017 Bullets and ordered lists

Bulleted lists display different symbols at three nested (sub) levels. The bullet symbols display in both the content editor box and on the page display:

  • closed circle
    • open circle
      • square

Numbered lists display different symbols at five nested levels. The numbered symbols display as decimal only in the content editor box and as the defined nested level symbols on the page display:

  1. decimal
    1. lower-alpha
      1. lower-roman
        1. upper-alpha
          1. upper-roman