The Learning Management System (LMS) was upgraded to Moodle version 3.5 on the 13th December 2018. Below is a list of the most notable changes, listed in alphabetical order.

  • Improved navigation and semantic structure (both visually and technically for assistive technologies)
  • Improved image responsiveness across devices and platforms
  • Simplified colour scheme and improved colour contrast
  • Improved WYSIWYG editor for content editing
Activity completion
  • Manually mark activities as complete on behalf of students
  • Set a date on which to be reminded to mark assignments
  • Select which file types to accept from students in Assignments and Workshops
  • Easier to override assignment settings for an individual or group
  • Sort blind marked assignments by blind ID instead of userid
Atto text editor
  • Equation editor button allows equations to be written
  • Accessibility button allows content to be checked for accessibility
  • See How do I edit text in the LMS? for more details
  • My LMS Subjects calendar displays the calendars of each subject within one calendar view, with the option to link to or export the calendar
  • Change events by dragging and dropping to a new date
  • Calendar events display in pop-up window
  • Selection can be made on behalf of students
  • Choice deadline now displayed in calendar
  • Open and close dates can be specified separately
  • The setting “Required entries” is now an activity completion condition
  • Discussion topics can be locked after a period of inactivity
  • ‘Mark as read on notification’ is a user preference
  • Page size in Single view reports is now configurable
Look & feel
  • New look & feel (colours, fonts, page layout) that is optimised for mobile devices, improves navigation and provides more space for content
My LMS Subjects
  • “Favourites” tab allows user to select to only see the subjects marked as favourites
  • “Navigation Drawer” replaces the Navigation block and Administration block
  • “Hamburger menu” hides the left-hand navigation menu creating more space for content
  • “Gear menu” provides a drop-down menu that gives easy access to edit settings
  • “Jump to” menu beneath each activity enables moving to the next or previous activity, or to jump to any other activity
  • Improved “breadcrumb trail” makes it easier to navigate and keep track of your location on computers and mobile devices.
Private files
  • Ability to view remaining space helps to manage storage limit
  • Select and delete multiple questions from the question bank
  • Allow multiple answers in cloze MULTICHOICE question type
  • Select which file types to accept from students within the Essay type question
  • Embed files when manually grading questions
  • Rubrics allow for negative scores
Stealth activities
Student management
  • Filter enrolled users by period of inactivity
Subject importing
  • When restoring/importing large subjects in Weeks and Topics formats into smaller subjects, the number of sections is adjusted automatically.
  • Tags can be added to glossary entries, forum posts, database entries and book chapters