Mobile Learning Practice Group

Podcasts and summaries from the Mobile Learning Practice Group workshops.

Smartphones and Tablets - Jan 29 2018

Session Summary and Tips N Tricks

Powerpoint presentation.

Overview of why smartphones and tablets are important and the purpose of the Mobile Learning Practice Group.

Recommended tips:

1. How to take a screen grab on your device:

- iOS: – hold home and power buttons together OR hold the power switch and the volume up key.

- Android: - hold the power switch and the volume down key.

2. Testing – using inbuilt tools in Chrome or Firefox to see how content displays on different devices

3. Mobile friendly polls are available in Zoom

Note taking workflows - Feb 26 2018 - Podcast 01

PODCAST (Right click on the video file to download)


PODCAST (Right click on the video file to download)


Session Summary and Tips N Tricks

Recommended tips:

1. OneNote is a good option for note-taking, collaborating and sharing notes in formal and informal learning contexts.

2. Workflows: For note-taking, files sync well to the cloud – meaning it’s easy to begin, leave and continue work on your notes across all the devices you use.

3. OneNote on iPad and other tablets offers the best usability if a number of functions are to be used together – text, drawing, audio and/or video.

4. There is potential for creating engaging learning experiences for individuals and groups. However, significant extra effort is required for designing activities involving groups and/or involving different media formats besides text (audio, video etc).

Potential traps:

1. Depending on the learning task, a OneNote workflow could potentially be a confusing experience, especially if students or staff encounter using OneNote on both the desktop browser and app versions.

2. Requires a La Trobe/Microsoft account – could be an issue when staff/students are no longer at La Trobe and wish to keep or migrate their content.

3. Lack of consideration of the above traps in the learning design.

4. iOS - OneNote notifications are received as an email, and a OneDrive app notification.

⁃ Following (tapping) the link in the email it opens up notes in OneNote Online in the Safari browser.

⁃ Following (tapping) the link in the OneDrive notification it opens up notes in the OneNote app.

Powerpoint File

The "Plug and Play Teacher" - March 26 2018 - Podcast 02

PODCAST (Right click on the video file to download)

Dr Tom Clark, Associate Professor First Year College Victoria University

Instant "Tips n Tricks"

For handy note-taking between your iPhone or iPad and your computer, your iOS device can be set up to sync with your La Trobe Outlook notes. Find out how with this guide.

Educational Designer Consultation Bookings

Consultation bookings with an LTLT Educational Designer:

ASSC College

Dan Laurence, Senior Educational Designer,

Brenda Cooper, College Partner,

SHE College

Terry Young, Senior Educational Designer,

Emily Krisenthal, College Partner,