Whiteboard video

It may suit your teaching style to annotate on a digital whiteboard similar to using chalk on a blackboard or whiteboard markers on a whiteboard. This ability to draw and detail lessons this way suits many subjects and teaching styles.

Use the following guide to help you determine what Recording Environment would best suit an annotation style of recording.

One Button Studio

The One Button Studio contains a high quality digital whiteboard with the option to annotate using the custom software (smartlink) or directly on to Powerpoint. The annotation can be recorded either on to a One Button recorded video in Presenter and Presentation style or screen captured with Echo360.

Technical Lending Library

The Technical Lending Library can provide a tablet such as the Surface Pro to annotate on to.

Record from your desktop

Record from your own desktop using software available for download from the Microsoft System Centre such as Echo360, you will need a surface to annotate on to that connects to your computer such as a Wacom tablet.

Record with your own device

Use your own tablet or device to annotate on to. You may need a set of custom software that is available to your device to record your annotations. USB microphones can be loaned from the Technical Lending Library.