Recording environments

Recording Environments refers to places which are available for recording and developing Digital Media at La Trobe. Explore the environments below and see if they are suitable spaces for the kind of content you are looking to create.

One Button Studio

A purpose built fully self-service video recording studio. Self-operable with mp4 video files written and saved to your own USB Flash Drive. The One Button Studio website contains user guides, FAQ and Troubleshooting guide.


Record with your own device

Also known as  “Bring Your Own Device" or "BYOD". This recognises that some of the personal technological equipment we already own such as phones and tablets are more than capable of creating sufficiently good quality audio and video recording with the added benefit of familiarity and portability.


Technical lending library

A resource of video, audio and lighting production equipment available for LTU staff for loan free of charge. Useful to supplement other available technologies or for those who like to DIY with semi-professional equipment.


Record from your own desktop

A range of software applications available for use at your LTU workstation or desktop.


External video production

A list of approved video production providers that can service the needs of those with a budget and a need for more resource intensive production requirements than are available in the self-service range.