Record with your own device

Many recording styles or designs are suitably recorded on devices you may already own like smartphones, tablets and laptops. The latest models of these technologies have powerful video cameras that are more than adequate for web viewing requirements. You may want to integrate your personal devices with equipment available from the Technical Lending Library.



  • It is particularly important to get good quality audio when recording so the Smartlav or Yeti USB external mics available from the Technical Lending Library are particularly useful in these instances if you haven't already got a good mic available.


For video, keeps these things in mind.

  • Don't shoot where the light is brightest behind the subject (like a window) as this will create a silhouette, try and find a place where the light is even behind and before the subject.
  • Keep the camera steady, you may need to borrow a tripod or smartphone holder from the Technical Lending Library.
  • Get an idea of the basics of photographic composition so you can frame your subject well in the video. This website has the basic rules - 6 Rules for Video Composition.
  • If you are going to be editing this video with other video material or what you are recording has a few different shots that will need to be stitched together, keep the final editing process in mind. There are several uselful tips like shooting "b-roll" which could be useful in the final editing process. This website has a basic guide - Shoot like an Editor.


For editing and publishing refer to the following guides.


By using your own device to record you can create the following digital media styles.


Situations where using your own device might be useful

  • In the field recordings, interviews and voxpops
  • Presentation to camera
  • Single shot demonstrations
  • Audio recordings and interviews and soundscapes