Record from your Desktop

There are many useful technologies available for you to use directly from your desktop machine or laptop. They can be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft System Centre (SOE) (staff only). These include desktop recording software such as Echo360, the conference application Zoom, creative applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs and Microsoft applications such as PowerPoint and Office 365.

You can supplement the technology available at your desktop with a headset or USB microphone from the Technical Lending Library to use in conjunction with the software.

Available Software for use at your desktop

The following programs are available for download from the Microsoft System Centre on your computer.

Echo360 Personal Capture

Echo360 personal capture is a screencapture program that allows you to record what's on your desktop currently with audio narration and an optional webcamera view. Recordings are then directly publishable to the Echo System server which will then email you back a link that you can use to embed the video into Moodle LMS.


Zoom is a video/web conferencing program that allows you to host conversations with up to 25 other participants. It has the capacity to show desktops if required and conversations can be recorded as an mp4 video file.

Microsoft Office 365 and Office Mix PowerPoint Plugin

Office 365 has the updated version of Office products but particularly useful is the PowerPoint Mix plugin which allows you to narrate audio directly into PowerPoint. The finished recording can then be exported as a video file. A full user guide on the PowerPoint Plugin is available here.

Microsoft Office 365 Sway

Sway allows you to assemble multimedia content such as still images, video, text and audio into a fluid presentation medium. It is available via app and via browser

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications contains multimedia development programs such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro (video editor), Audacity (audio editor) and Media Encoder (file converter) among others. A user guide to using Premiere Pro is available at Editing your Video.

Adobe Premiere Elements 12

Adobe Premiere Elements 12 is a video editing application but you can also record webcamera and audio directly into the program and it is useful for simple editing applications. Depending on the version of your Windows operating system (32bit or 64bit) you may only be able to install the simplified video editor for Adobe - Premiere Elements 12 and not Adobe Premiere Pro (Further information is available at Editing your Video) It is quite likely that Premiere Elements 12 will be sufficient for your editing needs.


Audacity is an open source audio editing application.



  • It is particularly important to get good quality audio when recording so the Smartlav or Yeti USB external mics available from the Technical Lending Library are particularly useful in these instances if you haven't already got a good mic available.


  • You will likely need a webcamera for recording. Many workstations have a webcamera already but if not you can borrow one for the Technical Lending Library.


For editing and publishing refer to the following guides.


By recording from your desktop you will most easily be able to create the following digital media styles.


Situations where using your own device might be useful

  • working from your office
  • working from home or away from your office