On-location demo video

There might be a requirement to record off campus or outside a purpose fit space like the One Button Studio. There may also be a requirement to record a more technical demonstration video like is common in clinical training for the Science and Health Science discliplines.

Use the following guide to help you determine what Recording Environment would best suit an on-location or demonstration style of recording.

Technical Lending Library

The Technical Lending Library can provide high quality video production equipment including cameras, lights and microphones free of charge to staff. Support for editing can be found at the editing guide Editing your Video and support for publishing can be found at Publishing your Video.

Record with your own device

Recording your demonstration or on-location on your own device can be an easy and mobile solution. Make sure you ensure the camera device remains stable, there are good lighting conditions and you have good audio. Additional equipment to assist your recording can be loaned from the Technical Lending Library.

External video production company

If you have a budget for recording there are a number of external providers La Trobe University can recommend for your productions needs. Cost will vary depending on your requirements and you will need to allow a longer lead time for planning. This option might be useful if the demonstration is complex with a requirement for many shots, angles and subsequent editing.