Interview video

Interviews are a naturally engaging form of information generation from one person to another. They are an excellent way of creating engaging and sustainable learning resources.

Use the following guide to help you determine what Recording Environment would best suit an interview style of recording.

Audio Only

Consider what the value of a video is. Does video contain some pedagocial aspect that will be missed if the interview is not filmed or will audio only suffice? Think about how successful the medium of podcasts are, audio only is very accessible and mobile, it has some advantages over video for learning in this regard, in can be listened to while travelling or completing other tasks, video requires a more stationary attention.

One Button Studio

The One Button Studio is an ideal place to record an interview. It is best suited to having two people in conversation particularly if you intend to use the presenation whiteboard but if not it can comfortably fit 3 people. The One Button Studio will allow you to walk in with your guests or fellow presenters and record your conversation with little or no need for editing.

Technical Lending Library

If you are looking to record something in a particular location in another part of the campus or off campus and don't have a budget that will allow you to hire in an external video production company you might be best suited to loaning camera and microphone equipment from the Technical Lending Library. Some upskilling and extra resources may be required as filiming your own interview this way will require someone to monitor the camera and audio and for the video to be editied afterwards. If you need  help with editing and publishing consult our respective guides, Editing your video and Publishing your video.

Record from your desktop

By using Zoom or Skype software from your desktop you are able to record a conversation with one or more participants at a distance. Additional equipment such as USB microphones can be loaned from the Technical Lending Library.

Record with your own device

Your own device may be quite suitable to recording interviews. Your own device such as your smartphone or tablet is mobile and in a proper (low-noise) setting you can get a more than adequate set of interviews. If you need  help with editing and publishing consult our respective guides, Editing your video and Publishing your video.

External video production company

If you have a budget for recording there are a number of external providers La Trobe University can recommend for your productions needs. Cost will vary depending on your requirements and you will need to allow a longer lead time for planning.