Audio only recording

Stand alone audio as a single sensory source of information is a very efficient form of content delivery. Audio only content is also very easy to create as the device for recording can be small and portable and in the current environment easily and cheaply obtained.

Use the following guide to help you determine what Recording Environment would suit your audio only  Recording Style.

One Button Studio

The One Button Studio does not record audio only but extracting the audio from the video is easily done by using a file converter such as Media Encoder which is available for installation from the Microsoft Software Center.

Record with your own device

Use can easily use your own mobile device to record audio. You can compliment the recording with equipment from the Technical Lending Library such as smartlav microphones. If you need and help with editing and publishing are available from our respective guides, Editing your video and Publishing your video.

Record from your desktop

Record from your own desktop using software available for download from the Microsoft System Centre such as Echo360 and Premiere Element 12.

Technical Lending Library

The Technical Lending Library can supplement a DIY approach with a range of high quality audio recording equipment.