Accessing the Studio

  1. Use the 1BS booking system to reserve an available time.
  2. Enter the studio at your designated time using your staff ID card.
  3. Note: The 1BS room lights will automatically switch on when you enter.


  1. Book the 1BS and notify your guest of the time and room location
  2. Have a pre-prepared PowerPoint presentation if you need one
  3. Have a USB Flash Drive to record your interview on and to start the 1BS recording
  4. Have a list of discussion points for the interview recording (and rehearse them before recording)
  5. Have an idea regarding seating positions and relationship to the whiteboard and background image

Logging in to the whiteboard

  1. Go to the A/V Console and Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on the computer keyboard and enter your La Trobe username and password to access the system.
  2. If the computer is in sleep mode, press any key to display login options. The interactive whiteboard will power on and display the time and date.
  3. Login to the Windows 10 operating system.

Loading your presentation or background image on to the whiteboard

Even if your interview doesn't use a PowerPoint presentation as a point of discussion it would be stylistically or aesthetically useful to have a full background image on the whiteboard either of a La Trobe branded image or an image relating to the subject. PowerPoint is recommended and suitable images can be loaded on to slides before the interview. If you are happy to use a La Trobe branded slide a pre-prepared PowerPoint presentation is available on the desktop called "1BS background images.ppt"

  1. Load your PowerPoint presentation file on to the computer from your network drive or by inserting your USB Flash Drive into the "Presentation" dock on the A/V console (left side) or
  2. Locate the PowerPoint presentation "1BS background images.ppt" from the whiteboard desktop
  3. Open the PowerPoint file using the PowerPoint application and put it into full screen mode.

Setting up PowerPoint

  1. Open your file using PowerPoint and view in Slide Show mode
  2. If the Presenter View is displayed on the Interactive Whiteboard, you will need to change the following settings:
  1. Select Display Settings > Swap Presenter View and Slide Show
  2. The Slide Show view will now display on the Interactive Whiteboard and the Presenter View will display on the front lower screen

Follow this Setting up PowerPoint for the 1BS for additional instruction.

Note: at the front of the room there are two monitors, one above the camera and one below. the top monitor displays the camera preview (what the camera is recording) and the bottom screen is a dual monitor extension of the whiteboard, this is the same as having two monitors attached to your desktop computer.

PowerPoint has a feature called "Presenter View" this enables you to hide your notes from the viewer while being able to see them yourself. The application for this in the 1BS is that your main slide show presentation can be viewed on the whiteboard while your notes (if you have) them can be viewed on the bottom monitor at the camera end of the room. The monitor extension for Presenter View is set as default in the 1BS but if it is not working, check these things.

On the keyboard, press the windows key and the p key simultaneously (win+p). This will bring up the windows display switcher which allows you to determine what mode the second monitor is in, Computer Only, Duplicate, Extension or Projector only. For this purpose we want the display to be in Extend or Extension mode.

You can use the Presenter Remote to click between PowerPoint slides while presenting by pressing the forward and back buttons on the remote (give this a try before recording your presentation if this is the first time). The Presenter Remote should be sitting on top of the AV console. If it is missing or not working (probably the batteries are low), please notify ICT.

Recording your interview

  1. Insert your USB Flash Drive into the panel USB socket labelled 1BS. Your final recording will save to the USB so do not remove it until you have stopped recording and the computer has finished writing the file to the USB - you will be notified by the message "Session Complete".
  2. The studio lights will automatically come on
  3. A preview video will display on the 1BS Control Screen
  4. “Push button to begin recording” will display on the screen: (If this does not show, an error message will display to help you determine the problem).
  5. When you are ready to begin, press the large silver button to start recording. A five-second countdown will start on the 1BS Control Screen.  On the count of Zero, begin your interview.
  6. Note: Position yourself and your guest so that you are both visible on the top monitor which is the camera preview screen. Depending on whether you are using a PowerPoint presentation as a point of reference or just an image for generic background will influence where you position yourself and your guest.
  7. Press the large silver button again to stop the recording. The 1BS Control Screen will display “Writing file to device” message. Depending on the length of your presentation, it may take 5–10 minutes to save. Do not exit the program or remove your USB before the recording has saved. When the file has been written to your USB device, the display will show “Session complete. You may remove your device or press button to record again”. The amount of time required to write the file to the USB is approximately 1/5th the time of the recording so a 10 minute recording will take approximately 2 minutes to write.
  8. You can do another recording or now remove the USB when the computer.
  9. On your USB Flash Drive the video file will be named obs00000.mp4
  10. Files size is approximately 200mbs per 10 minute video
  11. Remove your USB device. The studio lights will switch off and the systems will reset.

Finish up and exit

  1. Close any open applications or programs
  2. Sign out of Windows by clicking Start button> [your name] > Sign out
  3. The room equipment will automatically go into Sleep mode
  4. Leave the space clean and neat
  5. Exit the room and ensure the door is closed behind you