Find a research supervisor

Professor Balasingham Balachandran

Prof Balasingham Balachandran joined La Trobe University in 2009. He gained his Masters degree in Accounting and Finance and PhD in Finance from University of Birmingham, UK.

Dr M. Ishaq Bhatti

Islamic Finance, Risk Management, Econometrician and Applied Statistics - Interested to do consulting, training and postgraduate supervision in these areas.

Dr Darren Henry

Darren is currently an Associate Professor of Finance and was appointed as the Head of the Department of Economics and Finance in the La Trobe Business School at the beginning of 2015. He is teaching in the corporate finance area, and his research and supervision interests include mergers and acquis

Dr Doureige Jurdi

Dr Doureige Jurdi is a Lecturer in Finance at LBS. Dr Jurdi’s research interests are mainly in the areas of empirical asset pricing, financial econometrics, market microstructure and corporate finance.

Professor Petko Kalev

Professor Kalev has several research interests ranging from Asset Pricing, Market Microstructure, Corporate Finance, Quantitative Finance and Behavioural & Experimental Finance

Dr Liam Lenten

Available for consulting and supervision, principally in empirical microeconomics (especially sports economics) and macroeconomics.

Dr Hui (Michael) Li

Hui (Michael) Li joined the Department of Economics and Finance, La Trobe University in Feb 2008. Prior to his lectureship appointment at La Trobe, he was an engineer and division manager in construction industry.

Dr Jan Libich

•Monetary and Fiscal Policies and their Interactions •Game Theory •Sports Economics • Ageing Populations and Pension Systems •Macroprudential Policy, Banking and Financial Stability

Dr Weifang (Angela) Lou

Weifang (Angela) Lou joined La Trobe University in 2009. Her research lies in the area of empirical IO in investigating the economic behaviour of consumers, firms and industries.

Dr Yuji Tamura

Yuji is interested in applications of microeconomics to topics in social sciences.

Professor Xiangkang Yin

Xiangkang received his PhD degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) in 1989. He was appointed to La Trobe University as a lecturer in 1995 and to Professor of Economics and Finance in 2006.