Higher degree student alumni

Student Name

Research topic


Muhammad Janahgir Ali

Harmonization of Accounting and Reporting Practices in South Asia: An Empirical Analysis


Elvia Sunityo-Shauli

The impact of teamwork on nurses’ emotional labour, well-being, quality of patient care and turnover intention


George Triantos

An Economic and Data Envelopment Analysis of Banking Efficiency in Australia Since Deregulation


Sulaiman Al-Abduljader

An Empirical Investigation into the Workings of an Emerging Stock Market: The Case of Kuwait

Prof Iman Moosa
(Principal    Supervisor)
Dr Ishaq Bhatti
(Secondary Supervisor

Seema Miglani

The Influence of Corporate Governance and Earnings Quality on Corporate Financial Distress


Nathasa Ramli

The Influence of Large Shareholders on Payout Policy of Malaysian Companies: An Analysis from Agency Perspectives


Ahmed Alharbi

Development of the Islamic Banking System, Determinants of Profitability, and the Performance of Islamic Banks.


Anthony Altamura

A Synthesis of Corporate Financial Distress Models for Australia

Dr Darren Henry