Research specialisations

Alternative approaches in economics

This description covers a broad range of subject areas that are only very loosely connected by lying outside the mainstream of economics, in economic history, heterodox economics and the history of economic thought.

Applied econometrics and forecasting

This research area applies state-of-the-art econometric methods to a myriad of economics and business issues. In general, the topics include testing of economic hypotheses, policy and business analysis, and forecasting.

Capital markets, investment and asset pricing

Research in this area deals with calculating theoretically, and estimating empirically, returns on different assets and the relationship with diversifiable and non-diversifiable market risks.

Corporate finance and governance

Research in this area deals with various financing, investing and governance issues related to corporations.

Corporate organisation and behaviour

This area of research combines theoretical and econometric analysis of how corporations are organized, how they behave in the marketplace and the consequences for the economy and financial markets. Major research topics include board composition, competition and pricing, executive compensation, multinational enterprises, price discrimination and research and development.

Economic development and international trade

This area of research focuses on the two overlapping areas of international trade, the main driver of globalization, and the issues, challenges and implications of the huge changes in developing countries, particularly those of Asia. Major research topics include new developments in international trade theory; regional economic integration; multinational firms and foreign investment; economic and environmental implications of Chinese and Indian growth; poverty and inequality; food security.

Environmental and resource economics

This area of research examines market failure issues associated with the environment (externalities, public goods and revealed preference and contingent valuation) and the management of exhaustible (oil, minerals) and renewable resources (forests, fisheries and aquifers). There is a particular focus on climate change issues, road transport externalities and on water resources management.

Financial and economic theory

Research in this area covers a broad array of topics in economics and finance that make use of modern economic theory, in particular the theory of general equilibrium, game theory, and mechanism design.

Financial econometrics and quantitative finance

Research in this area is mainly concerned with issues involving empirical finance, econometrics, and time series forecasting.

Financial market microstructure and information

This research focuses on the details of how exchange occurs in financial markets and information-based trading.

Governmental and Not-For-Profit Accounting, Accountability and Performance Management

This research is run out of The Centre for Public Sector Governance, Accountability and Performance (CPSGAP).


This is a very diverse research program that ranges from the study of dynamic general equilibrium models through to the history of macroeconomic thought.

Public economics and social policy

This broad research area focuses on policy issues such education, health, labour unions, the impacts of drug and gambling addiction, and population aging and retirement saving. The research is typically applied theory and often incorporates various empirical techniques.