How to apply

1. Contact a potential supervisor

Students interested in applying for Honours are encouraged to discuss your preferences directly with academic members of staff. Many academics are also open to discussing other project ideas. To gain an overview of research undertaken please see the research specialisations under the departments' webpages.

2. Receive your letter of invitation

Students will be invited by letter from the College to apply for Honours once their results and eligibility are known. These letters are typically sent out around mid-December or mid-July. This is not a guarantee of entry; students must also have an agreement with a willing supervisor under whose tutelage they will study.

3. Enrol

To enrol you must complete an online application.

Students must enrol in the Honours subjects (Subject code EEE4HNA for the first period and EEE4HNB for the second period; these codes are independent of semester). A part-time honours option is also available across 18 months (EEE4HNX).

There are two honours cohorts per year starting February or July.

Enrolment for Semester 1 must be completed by the first Monday in February (note: this is also the starting date for Feb-cohort Honours students). The mid-year honours cohort must be enrolled by the first day of Semester 2 (also the starting date for this cohort).

Financial assistance

Some students may qualify for financial assistance, including the La Trobe Honours Year Grant Scheme. This has a closing date in late January of each year - consider applying even if you plan to start mid-year. Contact the Honours coordinator or the Equality and Diversity Centre for more information.

The Department offers several honours scholarships:

For more information on scholarships, contact an honours coordinator.