Alpine Ecology

A commitment to the environment and sustainability for the future is a key reason why you should consider studying ecology, environment and evolution at La Trobe University.

Our department assembles scientists in ecology, evolution, biodiversity, botany, zoology and environmental science to expand the frontiers of knowledge with research. Our work is strongly grounded in empirical enquiry and asks fundamental and applied questions, using a diversity of organisms ranging from microbes to charismatic megafauna. Our research strongly influences our teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Field trips

We train and specifically develop the skills of graduates in plant and animal identification, field survey skills and the latest laboratory techniques.  At undergraduate level, we run a variety of dedicated field trips  throughout the year.


Students completing honours in Ecology, Environment and Evolution can study in a variety of specialisation areas including botany, genetics, zoology, ecology, and environmental science, or undertake research in a multidisciplinary field. Find out more on about our honours program.

Postgraduate study

Postgraduate degrees are available in the fields of botany, zoology, genetics, ecology, evolution and environmental science.

Students considering postgraduate studies are encouraged to discuss their ideas with research supervisors directly. Meet some of our postgraduate students here.